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JCats Boys Basketball - Volunteer Policy


  • Parents are required to volunteer for one volunteer shift per player at one of the two home tournaments or pay $75 opt out fee per player ($150 family maximum).


  • Any parent who is a coach or assistant coach will not be required to complete additional volunteer hours regardless of the number of children they have participating in the program.


  • Any parent who is a team parent will have met the volunteer requirement for one player.  In the event that they have more than one child who is a participant in the program they will need to complete additional volunteer hours as required.


  • If a parent registers but does not show up for selected tournament shift, a non-compliance penalty of $100 will be assessed.



Tournament Volunteer Descriptions:

  • Tournament Set Up – On the evening before the tournament volunteers will meet at the high school to unload all the gear needed for the tournament, set up the tables and concession area

  • Front Desk Floater –  Will report to the main desk at the LHS Main Gym and will help direct families to the right gym and fill in where needed. 

  • Admissions Main Gym – Is responsible for collecting entrance fees from all attendees at the front table.

  • Concessions –  Will help in the LHS CafĂ© at the concession stand.

  • Court Marshall –  A Court Marshall is assigned to each gym.  They will help make sure the games start on time, report scores to the main desk, report injured players and provide ice, make sure we have referees and score keepers for each game, confirm the teams are playing on the right court, etc.