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The JCATS organization is recognized as the approved Libertyville High School boys feeder basketball program.

Our Focus

To develop young men with fundamentally sound basketball skills and strong court awareness, who exhibit sportsmanship at all times on and off the court, and understand the importance of community service.   All players must reside within Libertyville High School District 128 and plan on attending Libertyville High School.

Our Values

We are a program made up of 100 - 120 boys, their families, and the coaches who are all committed to representing our community well on and off the court.

Our players show respect for their coaches, teammates, opponents and referees.
Our players learn how to prepare and compete to win, as well as have fun and enjoy the game of basketball.
We believe that it takes hard work to build fundamental skills.
Our program develops the skills that the LHS coaches want taught.
We make defensive play a top priority with the boys being rewarded for good defensive performance.
Each boy plays at least 40% of the minutes over the course of the season.
We encourage our players to participate in our community affairs program and learn other life skills.
We encourage parent volunteerism.
We are fiscally responsible.
Libertyville Junior Wildcats is a not-for-profit program for 5th through 8th grade boys.