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JCAT Announcements

Matto and Feeder Frenzy Voluneteer Options are now available!  Please click on Tourament Volonteer to Register!  Thank you!

Parent Volunteer Program Details:

  • Parents are required to volunteer for a 3-hour shift (per player) at one of the two home tournaments or pay $75 opt out fee per player ($150 family maximum).
  • Any parent who is a coach or assistant coach will not be required to complete additional volunteer hours regardless of the number of children they have participating in the program.
  • Any parent who is a team parent will have met the volunteer requirement for one player.  If you have more than one child who is a participant in the program, they will need to complete additional volunteer hours as required.
  • If a parent registers but does not show up for selected tournament shift, a non-compliance penalty of $100 will be assessed.
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